Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Installation Training

Brochures / 5 January 2022 by The Dewatering Institute /
Credit : Carl-Hamm Pipes Pumps Solutions

Carl Hamm designs, installs and manages pipeline solutions for above and below ground mining, water and waste water treatment, and industrial sectors. Our solutions include probing technologies and machinery, as well as drilling equipment. We also offer a wide range of products in the area of housing technology that include:

  • Flanged pipes
  • Pullproof plug-type sleeve (ZSM) connections
  • Cooling-water insulation pipes
  • High-pressure pipeline systems
  • Shaped sections
  • Rolled-groove pipes
  • Collar pipes
  • Pit pipelines

Geothermal energy is a major area in which Carl Hamm pipe products are installed. Our patent products, combined with our know-how gained from nearly 90 years of supplying the mining sector, have proved to be of significant value in tunnel construction and well sinking.

Carl Hamm PPS Installation Training Brochure

Carl Hamm PPS Installation Training Video

We are experts in Mine Dewatering Applications. Specializing in Deep Well / Flooded mine dewatering applications. By combining our nearly 90 years of experience with modern production equipment, we continue to manufacture innovative solutions for critical on-site operations. At Carl Hamm we are non-negotiable about competent and committed personnel, and we are proud to be the preferred piping partner for leading industries worldwide.


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