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Insights / 13 March 2024 by BBA Pumps
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BBA Pumps have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback from the launch of the new Handy line of couplings. They believe that everyone should experience the ultra-light Handy products for themselves. Only then can you really understand just how easy the handle lock is, and how light the couplings feel compared to older types.

What is Handy?

Handy is a revolutionary line of quick couplings for use in piping systems of mobile pumps. The Handy couplings are compatible with BBA Pumps system C, cardan, perrot and are available in 4″.

The major benefits of the Handy quick couplings compared to existing systems:

Ultra-light weight

The smart use of materials ensures a lighter product, without sacrificing strength or quality. As a result, the pipes and couplings are easier to carry and pipes remain better balanced. Considering its light weight, Handy quick couplings make it easier to bring along extra material and transporting Handy quick couplings will reduce fuel costs. Depending on the product, weight savings compared to existing couplings reach up to 50%!

Greater ease of work

Installing pipes is manual work. For this reason, we have focused on the handles of the coupling system. Due to the ergonomic design of the Handy couplings, the handles fit comfortably in your hand. In combination with the dimensionally stable hooks, the improved shape also ensures a faster, easier and above all safer connection. The practical handles make lifting and moving the accessories simple and easy.

Easier to close

Thanks to the use of the latest manufacturing technologies, the Handy couplings are dimensionally stable and with consistent quality, making them easier to connect. There is less chance of deformation of the material, so that couplings will still have the same perfect fit after many years of service. Further, as the Handy couplings are easier to connect you no longer need to use any extra tools, such as fitting a length of pipe over the handle to increase the torque.


As part of their commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility they have designed the Handy couplings to be fully recyclable. The materials used do not have to be treated further for recycling and no additional chemicals have to be used, ensuring a minimal impact on the environment. The coupling is manufactured within the EU and in accordance with LEAN manufacturing methods. This reduces the need for transport of both raw materials and the finished product by half. By designing the flow meters and valves to be stackable, combined with the low weight of the Handy coupling system, less fuel is required for their transportation, ensuring the most sustainable solution in terms of energy consumption.


The Handy quick couplings and accessories have been designed to deliver the best possible ergonomics. The specially designed handles on couplings, flow meters and valves makes them easy to pick up. Precise manufacturing techniques enable the couplings to be connected quickly and easily. This guarantees both safety and operational reliability.

Handy water flow meters

BBA Pumps water flow meters with Handy quick couplings

For many pump professionals flow measurement is a regular part of their daily work. In some countries it is even mandatory to measure how much water will be pumped from A to B or how much groundwater has been extracted from a certain area.

The Handy water flow meters from BBA Pumps are specially designed for use on mobile pump systems. The combination of light weight, carrying handles and ergonomic design makes these water meters ideal for use in the field. BBA Pumps provide five different models, each portable water meter has unique features. Learn more in the flow meters overview or contact us for additional information.

Handy pump strainers

BBA Pumps strainers with Handy quick couplings

Suction strainers help to avoid blockages in the centrifugal pump. Handy suction strainers with quick couplings are available with different sized perforations. In addition to perforations, BBA Pumps also supplies suction strainers with bars which enable the free passage to be increased for sewage pumping.

BBA Pumps can help you to determine the maximum free passage that the suction strainer needs in combination with the right pump for each application.

Handy gate valve

BBA Pumps gate valve with Handy quick couplings

The pump capacity and back pressure can be regulated with portable gate valve in the piping system. This way you can quickly close the pipes in no time if the mobile pump has to be disconnected. The portable Handy gate valve from BBA Pumps is equipped with easy lever lock couplings, a lockable cover and ergonomic handles.

Typical applications for portable non-return valves:

  • Wellpointing, when several pumps are connected to one central discharge pipe;
  • As an additional non-return valve for sewer bypass work;
  • For tackling large height differentials and preventing backflow or water hammer.

Download the Handy brochure

BBA Pumps has been a leading manufacturer of mobile pumps and piping systems for over 60 years. We supply and support our products all over the world. BBA pumps and accessories are developed for use in a variety of applications: construction, wellpointingflood controlsewer bypassingmine dewatering and maritime industry

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