Artificial Ground Freezing versus Grouting.

Technical Specifications / 13 May 2024 by KELLER / TDI
Credit : KELLER

Ground Freezing Technical Papers:

A new report presented at the International Symposium on Ground Freezing 2024 discusses a technique for assessing groundwater management during the construction of deep shafts.

How significant is the methodology for evaluating groundwater control in shaft sinking?

The methodology for evaluating groundwater control in shaft sinking is highly significant. It ensures the stability and safety of the construction process, particularly in areas with complex groundwater conditions. This approach helps in mitigating risks associated with water ingress, which can lead to project delays, increased costs, and potential structural failures.

How does ground freezing aid in construction?

Ground freezing aids in construction by stabilizing soil and preventing water infiltration, creating a frozen barrier that supports excavation and tunneling. It’s especially useful in water-saturated soils or areas needing adjacent structure stability.

Technical Paper – Download:

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