Van Tongeren Trading joins The Dewatering Institute as Contributor member

News / 28 June 2021 by The Dewatering Institute / TDI
Credit : John van Tongeren

John van Tongeren, owner of Van Tongeren Trading has been active in the world of pumps and accessories for dewatering projects throughout his working life. Since 2009 he has been active as a trading company Van Tongeren Trading with the purchase and sale of new and used pumps and related products such as pipes, hoses and fittings. His clients are also supported with the supply of spare parts for both the pumps and the drive.

Van Tongeren Trading are responsible for the purchase and sale of about 500-700 pumps on an annual basis. Much is sold to contractors, well drilling contractors and (specialized) rental companies. In addition, pumps are sold to mining, agriculture and the dewatering industry. The pumps are used in a wide variety of ways.

“A farmer needs a pump for watering or irrigating his lands, our pumps are also used to pump out mines in Africa, Macedonia and Croatia and to keep job plantations in Suriname wet”. says John van Tongeren, owner of Van Tongeren Trading. Pumps, supplied by them, also keep all the lakes in Euro Disney clean, pumps are supplied for industries that supply large machines with cooling water or on work ships as ballast pumps.

The strength of Van Tongeren Trading lies in the great flexibility and fast delivery. “That’s where they really make a difference. Van Tongeren Trading has a large stock of different pumps (between 70 and 100 pieces) and can deliver them, if necessary, within 1 or 2 days to the desired destination worldwide, literally on land, at sea and by air”. John Van Tongeren adds.

Van Tongren Trading’s turnover is growing every year. The market is capricious: Africa and Russia are now difficult, but Germany has been stable for years and the Netherlands and Belgium are picking up again. Thanks to its worldwide coverage, Van Tongeren Trading can cope well with the peaks and troughs in various countries. Van Tongeren Trading has a good name and reputation in the industry. Foreign companies really appreciate their flexibility.

Many of their new customers come to the company through word of mouth and the Internet. A large part of their turnover now comes from abroad. Van Tongeren Trading still sees many (export) sales opportunities in the maritime sector and in Asia. Partly because of this, the export share of turnover is expected to rise even further.

Chris Botha, TDI Executive Advisory Council Member says “The building blocks of a dewatering system consist of the various pieces of equipment and plant in that system. Thus a company like Van Tongeren Trading is key in our industry. Not only do they house a range of equipment, but also have expertise to advise their clients on the best suited type for their needs. “

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