Van Tongeren Trading BV: Member Spotlight

News / 23 June 2022 by TDI
Credit : Van Tongeren Trading BV

This month’s TDI Member Spotlight features Van Tongeren Trading BV. Established in the Netherlands in 2009 by John Van Tongeren, they support their customers with the supply of spare parts for both pumps and drive.

Who is John Van Tongeren?

John van Tongeren has been active in the world of pumps and attachments his whole life. In 2009 he began buying and selling used pumps as a trade when he established his company Van Tongeren Trading BV.  A small company of only six employees who, on an annual basis, are responsible for the buying and selling of about 400-600 pumps. Van Tongeren Trading BV’s main client base is made up of contractors, soil grinders and rental companies, as well as mining and farming companies.

Van Tongeren BV within The Dewatering Institute

Van Tongeren BV pumps are used for a diversity of applications. Van Tongeren BV is not only a contributor of resources to TDI, but they also have a strong focus on pump and accessory sales, purchasing and repairing. Thus, making them a leading supplier of not only pumps but all the extras as well, such as HDPE pipes, hoses and couplings, both new and used. With a well-equipped and up to date workshop and a strong team of skilled mechanics any form of work is happily taken on; from maintenance to spray painting, to the application of corporate advertising. Van Tongeren BV pumps come with a standard, no-obligation, offering of a spare parts kit and the team is always on hand to give advice. Whether it’s parts or just a maintenance contract you are looking for, the team is waiting to discuss the very best offer for your needs.

Various Uses:

As John van Tongeren himself has said, “A farmer or employee will need a pump for draining a cesspit, our pumps are also used for draining the mines in Africa, Macedonia and Croatia but also for wetting the banana-plants in Suriname; pump usage is very diverse.”  Van Tongeren BV pumps also take care of cleaning the lakes in Euro Disney; and supply cooling pumps for the shipping industry. Their wide range will ensure that there is always a suitable pump available for any application.

Speed and Flexibility

Speed, flexibility, and fast delivery are Van Tongeren Trading BV’s strengths. The team have all the contacts they need and are equipped to provide and arrange all the necessary export documents in house to overcome any impossibility, and tackle any challenges when it comes to delivery. No location is too far or unreachable; their large supply of pumps and accessories can be delivered anywhere in the world, whether it be by land, sea, or air; within 1 or 2 days.


Sales in and to the African continent are inconsistent in some countries. Sales to Russia have been discontinued, while Germany has been stable for years, and the Netherlands and Belgium are picking up; export turnover is growing every year. Although the market is volatile; when it comes to exports Van Tongeren Trading BV’s ability to handle all the required documentation, and their strong experience in global coverage, has ensured that they are well-equipped to move with the ebbs and flows in the different countries around the world.


Van Tongeren Trading BV holds a good name and reputation in the Dewatering Industry: “Foreign companies know and appreciate our flexibility. In addition, we in the Netherlands can arrange things very efficiently and quickly, which our foreign colleagues are not able to do on the scale that we can. As the youngest member of a bigger family who basically only provides well pumps, working with the pumps is no secret to us. This is also where the strength of our company lies. We don’t just sell a pump, we are happy to offer the entire solution to your water problem.”  Van Tongeren Trading BV foresees many export sales opportunities in the maritime sector and in Asia. A large part of their turnover comes from abroad and because of this they expect the export share of their turnover to increase even further.

What’s new for Van Tongeren Trading BV?

Van Tongeren Trading BV recently delivered a complete dewatering set to a contractor in Barbados. This set is made up of 8 pieces; wellpoint dewatering pumps consisting of various brands, namely BBA, GEHO and Impulse. The supply of various types of filters was also on this list, along with the syringe pump for injecting the various filters and the associated HDPE piping. These pumps were purchased and sourced from all over the world and then brought back to top condition in the Van Tongeren Trading BV workshop.

Watch their Company Video:

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