TDI Introduces Tailored In-house Training Courses

News / 17 May 2021 by The Dewatering Institute / TDI
Credit : The Dewatering Institute

The Dewatering Institute is now offering in-house training courses, providing its members and followers with tailored dewatering and groundwater control courses to further develop their skills in the industry. The training courses encompass all areas of the industry such as concepts, design, management, pump selection and system optimasion, dewatering system data analysis, site planning, expansion in a new area of operation, USP analysis , etc. and are tailored to the staff’s skills and managerial levels. All in-house training courses can be made confidential in order to protect and meet the different companies’ varying business strategies.

Who Can Benefit From The Service?

Chris Botha, Executive Member of TDI notes “Education and knowledge sharing are key focus areas for TDI and part of our fundamentals to elevate the quality and understanding within our industry. We are excited to add this important service to our offering, not only assisting in the furthering of staff training for those already working in the dewatering industry, but also exposing and training those new to groundwater control and dewatering. The courses are suitable for:

  • Individuals who wish to pursue a career in dewatering
  • Companies who want staff to learn more about dewatering
  • Companies wishing to expand into a new business unit related to the dewatering field for example groundwater treatment, numerical modeling, undertake different types of dewatering, etc. 
  • Clients working with dewatering operations on their project and wanting to understand the process and activities in more detail

TDI In-house Courses –  A Case Study

Over the last few months, TDI has provided in-house training to TDI Member, Hydroserv International in Qatar. 

Hydroserv International, approached TDI to assist in the training of junior staff as well as key senior staff members in the field of dewatering. Although Hydroserv International has the in-house expertise to provide staff training themselves,  business commitments and the general day to day running of a business often pushed staff development and training to the back of the list. TDI together with Hydroserv International then mapped out suitable training courses to fit into the training and development needs of Hydroserv International. The timing of the course was also tailored to fit into and around the working times of staff attending. 

Testimonial From An Industry Professional

Barry O’Sullivan, Director of Hydroserv International notes: ”The inhouse training courses offered by The Dewatering Institute has assisted immensely with our staff development, for both junior and senior staff. It has significantly changed the way we now view progressing staff through our ranks and employing new staff. By putting newly recruited staff through TDI’s courses, we have freed up management time to focus on onsite dewatering projects. TDI used our own Hydroserv case studies and project photos and information from sites where we faced challenges to provide “lessons learned sessions”, preventing similar problems from happening again in the future. Knowing that this information is being used with confidentiality within our company and for training purposes is a great advantage”

Get Training Now!

If you are interested to find out more about the TDI in-house training courses please get in touch with us at Note that all in-house training, content used, presenters and specialists are discussed in advance to ensure confidentiality. 

Further scheduled training courses, available for all members and followers will be made available in June and August, more information would be provided shortly. 

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