TDI Interview with Michiel Vaags.

Insights / 9 May 2023 by TDI
Credit : Michiel Vaags

As part of The Dewatering Institute ‘s commitment towards knowledge sharing, TDI is developing a series of monthly interviews of industry leaders, and professionals from different parts of the world. One of the month’s editions features Michiel Vaags who will be presenting the BBA Pumps webinar series on the 24th of May 2023.

Can you tell us more about your work history and how you got into the dewatering industry?

Ever from my internship at a pump manufacturer during my study mechanical engineering I was passioned about the technique behind pumps. At BBA Pumps I came in contact with the wide dewatering industry. Starting as sales engineer I enjoyed making pump selections for various dewatering applications. During my career in the pump industry I focused on the dredging market, shipping industry and even food & pharma.  However, the dewatering industry attracts me most because of the wide range of applications and often temporal aspect. It is a very important industry for everyone’s safety and will become even more important in the future.

What topics will you be discussing in your presentation?

How BBA Pumps achieves to develop pumps with the lowest life cycle costs, pump innovations and a new development to re-win energy from the water stream created by our mobile pump systems.

What new products can we look forward to that BBA Pumps will be launching?

We have an extensive list of new pumps to launch for 2023. During the webinar, we will give pre-info regarding a new compact PT100 DriveOn® wellpoint dewatering pump. We will also introduce a new line of high head pumps, new BA300KS 12-inch sewage units and more DriveOn® news.

How do you see technology playing part in the industry in the future?

Full focus on pumpset efficiency, reduction of energy consumption, more environmentally friendly pump units, improving the LCC life cycle costs of our pumps and energy transition.

What would you recommend to the new generations coming into this industry and why?

Focus on the energy transition, a permanent development for future generations.  

Why do you think TDI is important for the industry and how it can help the industry develop?

Sharing knowledge is key and that is why TDI is important for the industry.

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