Roscoe Moss Company joins The Dewatering Institute as Founding Member

News / 18 November 2020 by TDI / Roscoe Moss Website
Credit : Roscoe Moss

Roscoe Moss, the Los Angeles based company, specialising in the manufacturing of well water casings and screens, has joined The Dewatering Institute as a Founding Member.

“We are dedicated to the groundwater industry, based in The United States, but serving drilling, consultant and well owners around the world. This makes becoming a member of The Dewatering Institute so valuable to us. We look forward to work together with TDI to uplift the standard of the industry worldwide, not only by supplying state of the art technology but also by transferring our technical knowledge to the wider community.” Says Timothy Lynch, President of Roscoe Moss Company.

“We are delighted to have Roscoe Moss on board as a Founding Member. With their global reach and technical knowledge in the field of water wells, Roscoe Moss can help us grow our community and bring valuable knowledge and insights for all our members. Their specialised product line, as well as their extensive research in our industry, reinforce TDI’s fundamentals to progress best practices.” States Executive Member of the Advisory Board, Chris Botha.

Roscoe Moss services the mining, agricultural, municipal and commercial industries with an impressive range of water well related products. Calculators, publications and technical memos for their products are available on their website and will be uploaded on the TDI website.

The Dewatering Institute is a new platform bringing stakeholders in the global dewatering and groundwater control industry together. TDI’s purpose is to develop the Construction Dewatering, Mine Dewatering and Groundwater Control industry across the entire project life cycle. 

The fundamentals of TDI are Education, Knowledge Sharing, Best Practices and Networking, which we bring to live through our website’s knowledge centre, by providing events, webinars and training courses, all backed up by a sophisticated marketing campaign to expand the exposure of TDI and its members.

Join our community today @ The Dewatering Institute. For any further questions you can reach out to

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