Van Tongeren Trading BV

/ 9 June 2021
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His whole life John van Tongeren has been active in the world of pumps and attachments. Buying and selling used pumps since 2009 as trade firm Van Tongeren Trading. Various usages The five employees are responsible for buying and selling of about 400-600 pump yearly. Many are sold to contractors, soil grinders and rental companies. Pumps are also sold to mining and farming companies. Pump usage is very diverse. Van Tongeren: “A farmer or employee will need a pump for draining a cesspit, our pumps are also used for draining the mines in Africa, Macedonia and Croatia but also for wetting the banana-plants in Suriname”. Pumps, delivered by Van Tongeren, also take care of cleaning the lakes in Euro Disney. Speed and flexibility Van Tongeren Trading’s strength lies in its enormous flexibility and fast delivery. “We really make a difference with that. We got a large supply of different pumps and if needed we can get them at any point of delivery in 1 or 2 days”. Revenue keeps growing yearly. The market is fickle: Africa and Russia are difficult at the moment, Germany has been stable for years and the Netherlands and Belgium are getting better. Van Tongeren Trading can adapt to the highs and lows easily thanks to their worldwide coverage. Van Tongeren Trading has a good name and reputation in this branch: “Foreign companies really appreciate our flexibility. Us Dutch people can really take care of business very fast and efficient, something you don’t see a lot among our competitors abroad”. We gain many new clients thanks to word of mouth and through the internet. A large part of our revenue comes from abroad. Van Tongeren Trading sees a lot of (export) sales opportunities in the maritime sector and Asia. Growth in the export part of revenues is expected to increase a lot thanks to this. Export destinations: Western-Europe, Eastern–Europe, Russia, Africa, mid/south America

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