Hydrogeek Consulting

/ 18 October 2020
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Hydrogeek (HG) is passionate about the field of Hydrogeology and has a special interest in Groundwater modelling (FEFLOW) as a tool to provide cost effective solutions to clients. Our experience ranges from Interpretation of groundwater data to form Conceptual Hydrogeological Models as input into Numerical Groundwater Models for underground and open pit mines. In the past few years HG has been busy in different regions around the world, developing Numerical Groundwater Models. Regions and countries include Australia (Pilbara region), South Africa , African countries (Zambia, DRC, Mozambique, Ghana and Guinea). The focus is on helping clients with planning and management decisions in terms of groundwater solutions (pore pressures, water supply, dewatering , cone of depressions and quality impacts from mining activities). Sectors we have worked in mining (gold, platinum, coal and diamond) , manufacturing and government. HG aims to solve complex issues by being well-informed on what the data is telling us. Our service will provide you with interpreted data to inform your Conceptual model. HG consulting will always be based on cost effective solutions for your Groundwater models. HG believe in under promising and over delivering as we hold our client’s long-term satisfaction in the highest regards.

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