Project Dewatering: Member Spotlight

News / 18 August 2022 by TDI
Credit : Project Dewatering

This TDI Member Spotlight features Project Dewatering, leaders in dewatering and groundwater management solutions in the United Kingdom. Project Dewatering forms part of Hӧlscher Wasserbau GmbH, Europe’s largest dewatering contractor, servicing construction projects throughout Europe.

Who is Project Dewatering?

As one of the UK’s most experienced contractors, Project Dewatering is a dewatering and groundwater management solutions provider for the construction industry. Their expertise concentrates on construction dewatering & treating pumped groundwater but extends to include well drilling and groundwater pumping for almost any application.

Project Dewatering is a member of Hӧlscher Wasserbau GmbH, the largest dewatering contractor in Europe. With over 60 years of experience and being active on over 1,000 construction sites each year, the Hӧlscher group is a key driving force for the success of Project Dewatering.

Experience in pumping system monitoring and controls to manage dewatering remotely allows Project Dewatering to provide automated dewatering with an internet based report and alarm system to clients. In addition, their vast knowledge in borehole pumping systems is put to great use in commercial open-loop, ground source energy schemes and interpreting thermal dynamics.

Project Dewatering within the Dewatering Industry

As a Company Member of The Dewatering Institute and a part of the Hӧlscher group, Project Dewatering boasts an extensive track record in providing commercial dewatering equipment for hire which includes water treatment plants and industrial dewatering pumps. Furthermore, they provide design, planning and testing for dewatering systems as needed.

What do Project Dewatering offer?

Known for their professional, cost-effective and bespoke industrial dewatering solutions for groundwater control and treatment, Project Dewatering offer a range of services:

  • Groundwater Dewatering: The Project Dewatering Team is well-equipped to assist on construction sites where groundwater will be encountered. It is essential for construction teams to understand and manage any groundwater issues to keep projects safely on schedule and on budget. Project Dewatering assists their clients with design, installation and monitoring of bespoke dewatering systems for each individual construction site. Solutions include horizontal dewatering, deepwells, wellpoints, ejectors and pressure relief wells.
  • Pump Testing and Monitoring: Project Dewatering offers pumping tests or aquifer tests to evaluate aquifers by abstracting water and observing the drawdown response in a selection of observation wells. These results are used to determine the ground’s hydrogeological characteristics and guide further design work and permit applications.
  • Water Treatment: Project Dewatering offers a wide range of treatment solutions which include options from simple filtration to state-of-the-art technologies. This extensive range of solutions ensures abstracted water is safely and legally discharged with a cost-effective and bespoke solution to suit the project site.
  • Well Drilling: Project Dewatering makes use of various well drilling equipment and machinery to suit the conditions of the site from shallow wellpoint drilling to large diameter deep water supply wells. Project Dewatering commonly uses cable percussion drilling, rotary cased and open-hole methods and auger drilling, when necessary.
  • Ground Source Energy: Project Dewatering provides specialist installations of in-ground infrastructure for Ground Source Energy Systems as well as thermal testing of Ground Source Energy Wells.
  • Equipment Hire: For clients who don’t need the expert help of Project Dewatering, equipment hire is available. The extensive range of equipment for hire includes commercial dewatering pumps, machinery and equipment suitable for small-scale dewatering projects.

Project Dewatering’s Top Projects

With over 150 years of combined experience, the Project Dewatering team have completed many high profile projects across various sectors. Notable projects include:

  • Chanel Tunnel Rail Link, Stratford Box dewatering
  • Shaft dewatering for the Belfast sewers project
  • Dewatering for Tyne Tunnel 2
  • Large scale wellpoint installation and operation for construction of new water treatment works in the midlands
  • Caisson dewatering for bridge piers on the new Fourth Road Bridge (Queensferry Crossing)
  • Groundwater depressurisation to increase slope stability and prevent seafront erosion on the Isle of Sheppey.
  • Permanent dewatering installation for flood alleviation in Marlow
  • Exclusive dewatering of Northstowe Phase 1
  • Large scale dewatering for the A14 improvement scheme
  • Open-loop chalk wells as part of ground source heating and cooling systems in London
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