Member Spotlight: Asia Waterjet Equipment

Insights / 14 December 2020 by TDI / TDI Website
Credit : AWE

Today we are shining the spotlight on Asia Waterjet Equipment (AWE). AWE is one of The Dewatering Institute’s founding members and is a specialist supplier of centrifugal and water-jetting pumps. 

About Asia Waterjet Equipment

With regional headquarters in Dubai and Singapore and a newly opened facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, AWE is renowned for their flexibility, reliability and support. The company was initially formed out of a passion for solving problems in challenging environments and they have built over 900 of the most robust water-jetting and centrifugal pump packages through the central assembly facility in Dubai. They have a team of professionals with a depth of industry knowledge and functional expertise and importantly, local market presence. 

With both the depth of product knowledge and the understanding of the local market landscape they are regarded as professionals within the industry. That brings with it a duty to share their experience and knowledge of the best solutions and conquer the toughest of challenges.

AWE Supporting the Construction and Mining Industry

AWE has supported construction service contractors with dewatering pumps for over 10 years. Dewatering is a necessity in most construction sites close to sea level or where the water table is high and ground water is a challenge. Through the range of Pioneer & Discflo pump products, they are able to offer dewatering pumps with suction lift capabilities over 7m deep which are used in a variety of applications including well point or sump pumping and lifting water from wells at depths well below ground level or to feed other booster pumps.

AWE support a host of applications through their product offerings, including fluid transfer pumping or overpumping. Their custom built pumps – with a range of features from self-priming, high flow pumps to those suitable for high viscosity, shear sensitive and stringy solids pumping – are perfect for applications in waste-water, sewage and dewatering applications.

Asia Waterjet Equipment and The Dewatering Institute

Asia Waterjet Equipment is a founding member of The Dewatering Institute. At TDI, our mission is to bring together and develop the global dewatering industry through education, knowledge sharing, best practices and networking. As part of the platform AWE is able to network with global leaders and thought provokers alike. 

“We are very happy to have AWE onboard with TDI. Their specialist products and expertise in their field contributes directly to achieving our  fundamentals of Knowledge Sharing and Education. AWE will provide product information and assist in TDI training courses in 2021 on areas where their pumps are used in the dewatering industry. This will also play an important part in establishing the various best practice guidelines for the industry TDI is planning in the future.” says Christoffel Botha (TDI Founding Member)

TDI’s purpose is to serve all our members and collaborators including project owners, government bodies, engineers, contractors, manufacturers and suppliers and thereby opening up a range of opportunities. As a member of TDI, you have access to all resources and case studies shared by other members like AWE to promote knowledge sharing within the industry. Additionally, members have access to exclusive events hosted by TDI and our members.  

How to Become a Member 

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