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Alba Dewatering Services Limited are one of the leading UK providers for design, supply and installation of groundwater control systems. Their service encompasses all aspects of service from consultation, design and installation to training, analysis, monitoring, maintenance and project management for a wide range of challenges and in widely differing sectors.

About Alba De-Watering

With over 100 years’ combined experience, Alba De-Watering are one of the leading UK providers for design, supply and installation of groundwater control systems. In 2016 they set up their own pumping division which consists of design, fabrication and installation. They provide a first-class service and a personal approach to all jobs, expertise and equipment allow them to carry out more complex and bespoke systems to solve difficult groundwater problems.

Alba De-Watering Services

Groundwater dewatering & Remediation: Dewatering Is the removal of groundwater to allow work to be carried out in dry conditions by use of different types of dewatering process and remediation is the cleaning of the water.

Dewatering Methods: There are a variety of different methods including, Well Drilling, Cable Percussive Drilling (Shell & Auger), Rotary drilling and Auger Drilling. The most suitable method should be chosen and can vary from project to project.

Pump Testing & Monitoring: To ascertain the hydrogeological characteristics of the ground so that any unforeseen conditions can be factored in during the design stage, an aquifer test is carried out. Water is abstracted from the aquifer by pumping at a controlled rate and the water level response or drawdown is observed in a series of observation wells. Response data from pumping tests are used to estimate the hydraulic properties of the aquifers, evaluate well performance and identify aquifer boundaries. The advantage is that this process is far less costly in the context of a dewatering project once work on site begins.

Groundwater Dewatering & Remediation: Groundwater can often contain contaminants or becomes polluted with organic and inorganic chemicals which can be a hazard to public health. Remediation is the process used to treat water that has been contaminated either organically, or inorganically. Water can contain levels of organic substances that are too high for safety and have to be removed such as iron, manganese, calcium and magnesium. At Alba Dewatering, we help by taking a sample from pumping systems and bore holes. Once these have been analyzed for types of contaminant, and the conditions have been examined, we can recommend and carry out the best method for the job.

Feel free to contact or visit Alba De-Watering to get more information about their services offered.

Alba De-Watering within TDI

“Alba De-Watering is excited to join The Dewatering Institute as a Founding Member. We are eager to share our 100 years’ of collective experience and work hand in hand with TDI to advance the industry. We look forward to the upcoming training courses and hope to contribute with our own personal know-how to progress the fundamentals of TDI.“ says Daniel Terzza, at Alba De-Watering.

“Alba De-Watering has an abundance of experience and skills in the dewatering market. This knowledge and skill will also contribute to TDI and their members through the various initiatives TDI undertakes. Their range of practices includes, design, supply as well as installation of groundwater control systems in complicated hydrogeological settings. We are delighted to integrate them as part of TDI and look forward to working together.” says Executive Member of the Advisory Board, Chris Botha.

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