Young Professional of the Year – TDI Award Winner

Case Studies / 26 March 2022 by Hölscher Group
Credit : Hölscher Group

The Hölscher Group is a medium-sized globally operating company with numerous international subsidiaries. They offer a comprehensive range of services in the fields of dewatering, well drilling, water treatment and groundwater management. These include construction measures in infrastructure or industrial construction, energy and environmental technology or services such as operation, maintenance, and repairs. The Hölscher Group has companies based in Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Romania, The Netherlands, Qatar and Germany.

From the various subject related tasks H Koers have conducted in the past, he have been able to build up an in-depth knowledge in all areas of groundwater management. He have the ability to understand and solve difficult tasks quickly and also have an agile and powerful way of working. This, coupled with his experience, has always led him to the technically and economically best solution approach, even amongst the most challenging of projects. H Koers currently work as an expert consultant in the planning phase of projects. But the most challenging project of all and which several PHD-students have only tried to resolve before without success, is the complete decryption of the dynamic flow processes of jet suction infiltration, which will be disclosed in his doctoral thesis still to be published in 2022.

Henrik Koers – Technical Manager at Hölscher International:

Henrik has been working for the Hölscher Group for more than 10 years. Henrik has always worked in an agile manner on various projects at the same time, in different areas of discipline, different office locations and countries, continuously building up an in-depth knowledge in all areas of groundwater management. Even though he is still relatively young, he is considered as THE expert – both internally and externally.

After an impressive scientific career, he will complete and publish his doctoral thesis on the subject of “jet suction infiltration” in 2022. In his thesis, he will be the first to unlock the scientifically previously undeciphered principles behind the method of jet suction infiltration of water into a groundwater conductor. On several projects to do with
groundwater resource protection, Henrik has already been able to apply this method and contribute significantly in mitigating the effects of groundwater detriment.

Water has been their passion for more than 60 years. They are the market leading specialists in Site Dewatering, Well Drilling, Water Treatment and Groundwater Management.

Innovative solutions, sustainable technologies and their dedicated employees, make every project happen – all over the world. They prove this, on a daily basis, on more than 1,000 projects a year.

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