The Berg Catchment Groundwater Reserve.

Case Studies / 10 April 2023 by Umvoto Africa /
Credit : Umvoto Africa

Umvoto is an earth sciences consultancy, specializing in environmental resource development, management and sustainability. Key areas of our expertise are groundwater and integrated water resource management, environmental planning, geo-hazard assessment and disaster risk management.

Sustainability, efficiency and equity have been identified as the chief guiding principles in the conservation, protection, development, use, and management of South Africa’s water resources. The “High Confidence Groundwater Reserve Determination study in the Berg Catchment”, initiated by the Department of Water and Sanitation’s (DWS) and was awarded to Umvoto in 2022.

Through the implementation of the RDM and its obligation to achieve a balance between the protection, use, conservation, management and control of water resources; this study will determine the groundwater Reserve (in terms of both quantity and quality) and will assist the DWS in making sound management decisions regarding stressed or over-utilised water resources, and also ensuring that they are afforded a level of protection that will assure a sustainable level of utilisation in the future.

Umvoto has already achieved several project milestones and is currently in Phase III of the project, which is set to be complete by early 2024.

To read more about this project download the PDF below: The Berg Catchment Groundwater Reserve.

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