TDI Webinar Series – Recording Vietti Slurrytec.

Insights / 31 July 2023 by The Dewatering Institute / TDI
Credit : Alberto Villanueva

The recording of our latest TDI webinar information session, presented by Andrew Vietti, Director at Vietti Slurrytec.

The presentation covered the enhanced dewatering by process water conditioning.

Presentation Outline:

  • Tailings Dewatering Introduction
  • Saline and Sodic Soils
  • What are Clays?
  • Clays in Slurries
  • Clay/Water Interactions
  • Dewatering Implications
  • ClariVie44® Process Water Conditioner
  • Conclusion

A unique team with specialist clay and solid/liquid separation process expertise.

Our core competency:

  • Clay mineral and slurry behavior understanding
  • Slurry dewatering
  • Slurry separation

Our solution offering:

  • Design and optimisation of solid-liquid separation processes such as Conventional; High Rate; High Density and Paste thickening for any application
  • Design and optimisation of filtration processes such as vacuum and pressure filtration for any application
  • Design of clay de-sliming processes for the recovery of fine and ultra-fine mineral product
  • Ore geo-metallurgical data for process flow sheet design
  • CFD modeling and verification for unit process or equipment design
  • ClariVie44 process water circuit conditioner

Our technology offering:

  • SteadyBed thickener control system
  • KraVi de-slimer

TDI would like to thank Andrew for this enlightening information session and to those that joined.

View the presentation below:

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