TDI Webinar Series – Recording Hydrogeek, presented by Nico van Zyl.

Insights / 1 November 2022 by The Dewatering Institute / TDI
Credit : Hydrogeek

Decision Support Groundwater Modelling.

The recording of our latest TDI webinar, presented by Nico van Zyl – Founder and Hydrogeologist/Groundwater Modeller at Hydrogeek Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

Hydrogeek is passionate about the field of Hydrogeology and have a special interest in Groundwater modelling (FEFLOW) as a tool to provide cost effective solutions to clients. They are moving more to decision support modelling , through uncertainty analysis using programs that PEST tools. There is so much uncertainty to groundwater modelling it is time we accept it and let allow the flow of information to reach the right places. They are committed to the Bayesian way of thinking, that we start with uncertainty and end with uncertainty. Information reduces uncertainty.

TDI would like to thank Nico and Hydrogeek for this enlightening discussion and to those that joined.

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