TDI Webinar Series – Recording Glanris, presented by David Bogue.

Insights / 13 December 2022 by The Dewatering Institute / TDI
Credit : David Bogue - Glanris

The recording of our latest TDI webinar information session, presented by David Bogue – Business Development Manager from Glanris.

Sustainable water filtration technologyRice Husk Biochar as a dual function media for the removal of metals and organics in dewatering.

Glanris manufactures Biocarbon media: a patented, effective, and economical designer biochar that removes metals and organics from water. Glanris Biocarbon is made from the world’s most extensive agricultural waste product: rice hulls.

This is a revolution in affordable metals removal. Competing microplastic resin products can cost 10 to 50 times more than Glanris’ Biocarbon and will become environmentally persistent pollution at disposal. If you return the biochar to the ground, Biocarbon will sequester carbon for hundreds of years and qualifies for Carbon Credits.

TDI would like to thank David and Glanris for this enlightening information session and to those that joined.

Glanris Recording

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