Sustainability Excellence Company of the Year – TDI Award Finalist

Case Studies / 18 May 2022 by Stuart Wells Ltd
Credit : Stuart Wells Ltd

Stuart Wells Limited

Saint Gobain Glass Factory Eggborough Deep Well Dewatering & Recharge Scheme

Stuart Wells Limited are a specialist dewatering and water management contractor. With 40 years’ experience offering professional and cost-effective solutions to groundwater challenges in the UK & Overseas. Their principal areas of expertise are: Construction Dewatering, Groundwater Monitoring, Groundwater Remediation, Pumping Tests, Borehole Testing Services and suppliers of Geotechnical Materials.

The project at SSGUK floating glass facility in Eggborough, Yorkshire, UK involved designing and installing a permanent dewatering system to control problematic rising groundwater levels. The Sherwood Sandstone aquifer is within the UK’s Environmental Authority (EA) Aquifer Protection Scheme for risk of over abstraction, and the works were to be undertaken within their clients own extensive Environmental and Sustainability Policy. By pooling resources and working closely with their client and the EA, a successful, environmental and sustainable dewatering system was installed and is in now 24/7 operation.

Throughout, environmental issues were at the forefront of the decision process. Apart from the major positive of aquifer sustainability of recharging all abstracted groundwater back to ground, a range of other initiatives were used. From the use of hybrid generators to reduce diesel usage, using solar panels to power remote monitoring, using variable speed drive pump control panels to reduce long-term power usage and even backfilling at the surface using a SGGUK waste product of ground glass. As a company , Stuart Wells has taken these environmentally friendly practices with them onto other works in the UK and would like to think that with good communication, shared initiatives can improve the global Dewatering industry and its environmental impact.

Stuart Well Services Ltd specialties include; Dewatering, Dewatering Design, Groundwater, Ground Remediation Systems, Well Pointing, Deep Wells, Pumping Tests, Borehole Geophysical Logging , Packer Testing, Borehole Permeability Testing, Borehole Decommissioning, and Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling.

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