Insights / 25 April 2024 by The Dewatering Institute / TDI
Credit : Ferrer

Combining the practical experience of working in the field with the theoretical knowledge that only science can provide, it was with the third generation when FERRER, loyal to its principles of moving forward and always improving, incorporated new technologies and tools in the field, as well as computational models, to achieve superior and more efficient designs in hydrogeology applied to dewatering systems for civil engineering, building and mining works.

A FERRER® technical team has designed and implemented a groundwater control system ( Dewatering ) at the request of the company Avintia Construction . The infiltration field has been implemented in a development of 135 homes next to the Central Park, in Valencia.

The excavation of the basement has been carried out under the shelter of diaphragm walls. The water table was found at a depth of about 6 meters and the maximum general excavation of the project reached 10.8 meters with some singular areas of up to 12 meters.

The Dewatering project included an array of 8 Low Capacity Wells and an infiltration field of 3 wells (Recharge Wells) that return the pumped water to the aquifer.

A detailed analysis of the geotechnics of the area identified a productive stratum below 20 meters and up to 40 meters deep, with some alternation of lower performance, but with sufficient capacity to design the infiltration wells optimally in number. and position.

During the excavation progress, gushing water appeared at a specific point related to an old pre-existing borehole on the plot, which increased the total pumping flow by an order of magnitude of up to 25 liters per second.

This pathology was resolved with a properly conditioned superficial pumping point (Sump).


The total pumping flow was returned to the aquifer through the three infiltration wells, which allowed the original state of the aquifer to be preserved. An additional advantage of this technique is that the economic costs associated with fees for using the public sewage network have been avoided. These costs have a great impact on the client when the flows are medium or high, as was the case in this case.

The Avintia Construction project is called Residencial Nou Parc Central and is developed and marketed by the real estate developer Avantespacia. It will consist of a 14-story tower, with an avant-garde design and views of the Central Park. It will have common areas such as a swimming pool with saline purification and an equipped gym. The 135 homes will have between 2 and 4 bedrooms, high quality, energy efficiency A and large terraces. Residencial Nou Parc Central will also have a community space for bicycles and pre-installation for recharging electric vehicles.

Avintia Construction is one of the reference clients for FERRER® . It has been established in the Valencian Community for almost a decade and has built more than 1,500 homes for the main Spanish developers.


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