Groundwater Treatment Project of the Year – TDI Award Winner

Case Studies / 22 February 2022 by Griffin Dewatering
Credit : Griffin Dewatering

Griffin DewateringAlexan Old Town

Since 1934, they’ve manufactured equipment & designed solutions for some of the most complex groundwater challenges in the construction industry. They offer several different systems including wellpoint, deep well, eductors, and sump pumping. Griffin also offers water treatment and filtration.

Griffins supporting paragraph of why the project is the best suited to win the category: Griffin designed, installed, and operated a water treatment solution to incorporate oxidation-filtration, sand filters, bag filtration, and adsorptive media. The removal of the iron and manganese required chemicals for oxidation as well as acid and caustic feeds for pH adjustment, with the addition of a flocculant/coagulant. Multiple sand filters and bag filters were used to remove the oxidized iron, manganese, and total suspended solids (TSS). Adsorbers with granular activated carbon were installed at the end of the treatment train to remove any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and oxidants prior to discharge of the processed water to the storm sewer.

The influent iron concentration averaged 150 ppm over the term of the project. Large chemical storage tanks were installed to lower the frequency of chemical deliveries. Our competent field service technicians were able to provide daily operation of the treatment system and keep the system operating continuously during the entire project. Regular daily maintenance of the system was required to keep the equipment operational with the high iron levels. The clean treated water was discharged to the storm sewer and the liquid waste from settling tanks and sand filters were discharged to the sanitary sewer. This maximized the treatment efficiency while limiting costs associated with hauling and disposal of the wastewater. All discharges were in compliance with the water quality requirements for each discharge location and the volume for the wastewater were within the permit limits.


Griffin offers dewatering and water treatment services for a wide variety of applications. Deep expertise allows us to develop and implement the most effective solutions for any groundwater challenge. View our services below.

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