Groundwater Scheme Management made easy.

Industry literature / 4 July 2023 by Umvoto Africa /
Credit : Umvoto Africa

Umvoto is an earth sciences consultancy, specializing in environmental resource development, management and sustainability. Key areas of our expertise are groundwater and integrated water resource management, environmental planning, geo-hazard assessment and disaster risk management.

Groundwater Scheme Management made easy: Discover the new Water Research Commission Guidance Document written by Kevin de BruinZandri Rademan and Luke Towers. Developed through a collaboration between Denmark-South Africa, it provides a roadmap for effective monitoring, operation, maintenance, and overall groundwater scheme management. It is applicable to all scales, from rural to large municipal schemes with the aim of optimal groundwater use and longevity. By implementing the standards, guidelines and best practice principles, you can enhance compliance and ensure proactive management, address conflicts and foster collaboration for shared benefits. Let’s safeguard South Africa’s groundwater resources!

Download the Guidance Document For Management of a Groundwater Scheme below:

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