Griffin Dewatering Adviser Tool

Industry literature / 12 February 2021 by TDI
Credit : Griffin Dewatering

TDI Founding Member Griffin Dewatering has created the Dewatering Adviser Tool, free to use, as a way to give engineers and clients easy access and options on abstraction flow rates and dewatering system options. It also provides some considerations when looking at a dewatering system as a first conceptual approach. It works as follows:

Input module

  • Start by entering your excavation parameters (length, width, and depth) in ft
  • Click on the drop-down option next to excavation method, select what is deemed appropriate (open-cut, steel sheeting, Hi-beam and lagging, secant pile wall or other)
  • Enter your water table depth in ft
  • Select the general soil profile from the drop-down list of options (sand, soil, clay, gravel and stratified)


Output module

  • Flow estimate: An estimated range of flow (high to low in Gallons per minute).
  • System options: It will show a generalized dewatering approach based on the input you provided.
  • Considerations: Issues to be considered regarding dewatering based on the parameters provided initially.

Although this tool does not incorporate many hydrogeological and dewatering system complexities, which need to be reviewed and understood by specialists, like Griffin Dewatering, in much more detail before a dewatering system can be designed, it does give clients an idea of the ranges of abstraction flow rates for their project geometry in simplified geological settings.

If you need more information you can also send your Dewatering Adviser information and input to an expert at Griffin for an in-depth review of your project. This can simply be done by clicking “Get a Quote”,you will then be connected with a dewatering expert who will help you with an engineering assessment and dewatering system quotation.

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Link to the tool: Dewatering Adviser | Griffin Dewatering

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