Equipment – Material Innovation Project of the Year TDI Award Finalist

Case Studies / 18 January 2022 by Flo-Water /
Credit : Flo-Water


Discover the latest groundwater innovation, Real-time monitoring of groundwater flow and direction.

Pump-It Tube Dewatering Bags are the next wave in dewatering. With flow rates of 192 gl/ft2/min & 91+% sediment capture rate you are speeding up projects while improving performance. This enables all peoples of all countries to have the ability to clean water when pumping. Just need a pump and a Pump-It Tube. The following problems in the dewatering industry and alleviated via Pump-It Tubes.

1. Reduction in footprint (Pump-It Tubes take up less than 25% of the space on sites, in warehouses, in transport, and more.)

2. Pump-It Tubes fill a larger percentage due to their design, flow rates, and more.

3. Eliminate downtime via the use of manifolds. Split the flow into multiple bags, in lesser footprints, and discharge flows in various locations.

4. Ideal delivery vehicles for catered solutions involving additives, such as flocculants.

5. Facilitating dewatering solutions for all worlds. Just need a pump and a Pump-It Tube.

6. Attach easily via d-ring and strap. Simplify install and maintenance and make things easier to enable the improved solutions.


Flo-Water Pump-It Tube Flyer – Flo-Water Sediment Control

Capturing sediment on the go, enabling clean water to flow.

Some of the Earth’s greatest landscapes are threatened by increased road construction, oil and gas exploration, and mining. This threat gets increased when improper or outdated erosion and sediment control systems are put into place.

Water is one of our greatest elements.  Where are we without it?  Its supply is decreasing.  Flo-Water has a line of products that are increasing the amount of sediment captured, increasing the flow rates of stormwater’s movement, and enabling its entry into our water systems with a substantially reduced load.

It is time, and the Solutions are here. Flo-Water!

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