Carl Hamm Pipes Pumps Solution – Installation Training

Insights / 27 September 2022 by The Dewatering Institute / TDI
Credit : CHPPS

The Turnkey Solution

Carl Hamm are experts in piping and geotechnics who serve drilling intensive industries worldwide. Their products and services deliver above and below the ground applications in water and waste management, piping systems to the power and mining sectors, as well as tunnel construction, well sinking, and domestic installations.

By combining their nearly 90 years of experience with modern production equipment, they continue to manufacture innovative solutions for critical on-site operations. At Carl Hamm they are non-negotiable about competent and committed personnel, and they are proud to be a piping partner for leading industries worldwide.      

See below CHPPS ZSM Piping Installation Instructional Video            

Turnkey Dewatering / Abstraction / Water level Control / Acid mine drainage / batching / hanging vertical pipe system.

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