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Insights / 27 June 2022 by Asia Waterjet Equipment
Credit : Discflo Pump Corporation

Discflo Pump

Discflo Corporation’s pumps have been solving problems in the oil & gas & petrochemical industry for over 30 years.

The powerful combination of superior abrasion resistance, gas entrained pumping ability, and non-emulsifying laminar flow make the disc pump the ideal choice for some of the toughest applications.

  • Open design prevents clogging – pump can handle large or stringy solids, as well as fluids with varying solids content, size or viscosity.
  • Increased efficiency – fluid viscosity increases due to the viscous drag pumping principle.
  • Discflo technology creates a low to no maintenance system by minimizing contact between the pump and the raw material being pumped.

Discflo Brochure – Specs

HP/UHP Waterjet Pumps | Centrifugal Pumps – Single and Multistage | Disc Pumps | Robotic Hydrodemolition and Cleaning.

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