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News / 30 June 2021 by TDI / The Dewatering Institute
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Who are Keller  

Keller is the world’s largest geotechnical specialist contractor based in England, UK with around 9000 employees and operations across five continents. Keller has the workforce, expertise, experience and financial stability to respond quickly, get the job done and see it through safely. They tackle some of the largest and most demanding projects around the world. In total they complete around 6000 projects every year with expertise in techniques such as; ground improvement, grouting, deep foundations, earth retention, marine, instrumental and monitoring. 

More about Keller 

Used alone or in combination, their techniques solve a wide range of challenges across the entire construction sector- from industrial, commercial and housing projects to infrastructure construction for dams, tunnels, transportation and water treatment, as well as projects to address environmental challenges.

Global strength and local focus are what makes Keller unique. Their knowledge of markets and ground conditions means they are ideally placed to understand and respond to a particular local engineering challenge. Their global knowledge base allows them to tap into a wealth of experience and brightest minds in the industry to find the optimum solution.

Keller within The Dewatering Institute

“Being part of the TDI community has helped us expand our network as well as grow our clientele basis. From the information on the website knowledge centre, social media posts as well as the training session webinars, TDI has taken the initiative to improve the industry know-how.” says Dr Joseph Sopko, director of Keller.

“Growing our network and sharing good industry practices is one of the main areas of focus within TDI. Keller brings significant experience in the field of groundwater control. Their innovative technology includes both groundwater control in the form of their cut-off shoring systems often used as earth retaining structure as well as ground freezing for example. We look forward to sharing the Keller expertise with our members in the institute”  Says executive member of the TDI Advisory Council, Christoffel Botha.

Services offered


Ground improvements: This can increase load bearing capacity, reduce settlement and improve the engineering properties of existing soils.

Grouting: Keller leads the world in grouting technology with systems for all applications from lifting structures to grouting dam curtains. 

Deep foundations: Deep foundations are required whenever weak soils have little capacity to resist an existing load or a change in existing load. They involve the constriction of structural elements to transfer loads down to stronger underlying soils or rock.

Earth retention: Retains earth successfully so that it does not move or shift to any unwanted directions. 

Marine: Keller provides design and construct services for near shore marine structures using a range of marine piling and ground engineering techniques. 

Instrumentation and monitoring: Keller provides systems and services for monitoring the safety and stability of buildings, excavations, bridges, railways, roads, tunnels, dams, embankments and slopes. They help owners, infrastructure operators and construction engineers identify and mitigate risk, optimise designs and methods and document regulatory compliance. 


Improve bear capacity: Transferring loads to deeper more competent layers. 

Containment: It is often desirable to prevent the migration of contamination in the ground or to prevent seepage from a dam or levee. Keller has a wide range or techniques that can be adapted to form an appropriate sealing or cut-off barrier. 

Excavation support: Enabling stable excavation and preventing movement and damage to structures and utilities.

Stabilization: A range of solutions to strengthen unstable ground.

Marine Structures: A full range of services for the marine construction market.

Monitoring: Structural or ground movement or environmental properties.

Remediation: Groundwater and soil remediation to reduce contaminants.

Slope stabilization: Retaining soil in slopes and excavations.

Seepage control: Controlling or preventing water seepage.

Ground Freezing

Keller specialises in ground freezing which is a technique that converts in situ pore water to ice through the circulation of a chilled liquid via a system of small-diameter pipes placed in drilled holes. It is most commonly used for groundwater control, excavation support and tunneling. 

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