IAH-SA Virtual Conference (13 – 15 September 2022)

News / 15 August 2022 by The Dewatering Institute / TDI
Credit : International Association of Hydrogeologists

The International Association of Hydrogeologists of South Africa (IAH-SA) is a scientific and educational organization that aims to promote research and understanding of the proper management and protection of groundwater for the common good throughout the country. Founded in 1998, IAH-SA has drawn individuals from professional backgrounds ranging from academic to state agencies to private consultancies. TDI and the IAH-SA members have an interest in the promotion and development of the science and engineering of groundwater issues.

Current and recent groundwater research in Southern Africa

The IAH-SA is pleased to announce a 3 day Virtual Conference (Two sessions per day 9am to 10.40am and 11.10am to 12.40am) where all current and very recently completed research in the field of hydrogeology is going to be presented. All the academic institutions across Southern Africa will be represented. The objective is really to ensure there is communication across all those involved In Groundwater research and to ensure there is cross pollination of ideas and sharing of challenges and advances. It’s also a critical opportunity for those in consulting; the groundwater industry and local.

And national government to learn from what is being researched and to give critical input into research direction, ensuring we are at the global forefront of groundwater research. This event also enables international participation both to learn from what is currently being accomplished and to assist Southern Africa in ensuring our research is cutting edge.

Registration fees: Early Bird Deadline 23 August 2022

Member IAH / GWD Registration fee -early bird

ZAR 3000.00

Member IAH / GWD Full registration fee

ZAR 3900.00

Non Member IAH /GWD Registration fee – early bird

ZAR 4000.00

Non Member IAH /GWD Full registration fee

ZAR 4900.00

Student Member IAH / GWD Registration fee -early bird

ZAR 2000.00

Student Non Member IAH / GWD Registration fee -early bird

ZAR 2750.00

Student Non Member IAH / GWD Full registration fee

ZAR 3500.00

For more information contact the organisers: deidre@iafrica.com

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