Holscher Wasserbau – Romania awarded design, installation and operation of dewatering system for HAI Aluminium

News / 20 January 2021 by Holscher Wasserbau – Sucursala Bucuresti – Romania / Holscher Wasserbau – Sucursala
Credit : Holscher Wasserbau – Sucursala Bucuresti – Romania

Holscher Wasserbau – Sucursala Bucuresti – Romania was awarded with the design, installation and operation of a dewatering system for HAI Aluminium on the Casting Pit in Arad, Romania.

“The purpose of the dewatering system was to lower groundwater levels for the aluminium melting furnace.” According to Christian Badoui Managing director of  Holscher Wasserbau – Sucursala Bucuresti – Romania. “A major challange on this project was that the excavation needed to take place in an existing factory with very limited headspace and installation locations for our deepwells. Next to the H&S aspects associated with confined / indoor workspace, the targeted abstraction flow, which required large diameter pumps also made this a challenging project to work on. Larger diameter wells were required compared to the size of drilling rig which can be accomodated” noted Cristian. “Due to our extensive experience both locally and internationally over a range of challenging projects, the client approached us to undertake this challenging project and the team came up with a unique design to achieve the targets. “

Hoelscher Wasserbau used special modified equipment in their fleet together with other modified ancillary equipment to install the deepwells for this project. The project is expected to be completed on January 30th.

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Holscher Wasserbau – Sucursala Bucuresti – Romania – Water is our passion for over 60 years. Today we are specialists in the areas of water drainagewell constructionenvironmental technology and groundwater management .

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With innovative solutions, environmentally friendly technologies, our experienced employees make every construction project possible – worldwide. We prove this on a daily basis, working on over a 1,000 projects every year.

Please visit us at https://www.hoelscher-wasserbau.de/ page to discover even more about us. 

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