First Mining Magazine – Special Feature Offer for TDI Members: Mine dewatering design and tailings management solutions in mining

News / 19 January 2021 by First Mining Magazine - DRC and Zambia / FM Website Link
Credit : First Mining Magazine - DRC and Zambia

First Mining Drc-Zambia is a bi-monthly mining journal published 6 times in a year providing detailed coverage of all the technical and operational aspects shaping the industry. The publication is proud to inform your organisation that it has partnered with the Dewatering Institute on a special feature Re: Mine dewatering design and tailings management solutions in mining. TDI will cover a double page spread promoting the institute. Which will be distributed to the key-decision makers in Zambia, Drc and Southern Africa’s mining and mineral processing industry.

No doubt, as a prominent stakeholder in the dewatering sector, your organisation will gain from participating in this special article to be produced through unprecedented exposure. You will have a chance to reserve a commercial advertisement and editorial (450-500 words) and a 15% discount from half a page Advertisement going up. In a special feature in the FMDRC, we will look at the products and techniques that are driving innovation in Mine dewatering design and management.

Below are our competitive rates (a 15% discount is offered to TDI members)

  • R28,500 -Double Page Advert. This position is the most prominent and is seen as the best way to promote your company through maximum space exposure.
  • R21,800 – Full Page Advert: A key position which will ensure that your corporate message is seen and delivered in a way to optimize the importance of your company.
  • R14,250 -Half Page Advert: A great size advert that sits well in any corporate literature.
  • R12,250 -Third Page Advert: A good size to be seen parallel to the feature

Editorial should look at but not limited to;

  • Why is tailings management important in mining? 
  • What are some of the methods involved in tailings management? 
  • What are some of the factors to consider in mine dewatering? 
  • Why is it important to dewater mine tailings? 
  • What are some of the risks and considerations in tailings management? 
  • What are the new technologies involved in mine dewatering design? 
  • Industry track record (citing mines which are utilising your solutions if applicable) esp in Africa; and  
  • Upcoming product related development. 

Generated proceeds which will allow the special article/feature to self-finance with substantial income being duly allocated to the Institute. 

It is our view that your vast experience and our objectives will yield a very successful partnership guaranteeing a more comprehensive feature. 

The deadline for the content is the 4th of February 2021. For bookings and more information please contact: 

Yours faithfully  

Victor Ndlovu 

Project Coordinator  

011 044 8986

073 162 2039

Email address: or


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