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Credit : Image of the filling of the Panama Canal Expansion (2104) operated by FERRER.

In growing and developing the TDI community, it is important to us to acknowledge our members. This month we’re shining the TDI member spotlight on Ferrer, in their innovative efforts, continues to implement new drilling and pumping techniques, as well as new technologies for capturing and processing field data, improving efficiency day by day. Based in Panama, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Cuba, Morocco, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, has its headquarters in Spain.

Who is Ferrer?

More than 100 years of uninterrupted activity guarantee FERRER’s experience. This journey began in 1916 when Mr. José Ferrer Roselló founded the company with the goal of constructing water wells to fulfill the domestic and agricultural needs of the Spanish Mediterranean geographical area.

In 1950, with the second generation on the lead, the company was managed by Mr. José Ferrer Forner. By adapting and incorporating new technologies, the field of action was expanded to new areas, such as water wells with higher complexity, designed to the water supply for large-scale agriculture and industry.

Combining the practical experience of working in the field with the theoretical knowledge that only science can provide, it was with the third generation when FERRER, loyal to its principles of moving forward and always improving, incorporated new technologies and tools in the field, as well as computational models, to achieve superior and more efficient designs in hydrogeology applied to dewatering systems for civil engineering, building and mining works.

Project Dewatering within the Dewatering Industry

As a Contributor Member of The Dewatering Institute, Ferrer projects its vision to be a reference company in the comprehensive control of groundwater ( Dewatering ) and surface water ( Unwatering ), in the field of hydrology applied to mining, civil engineering works, construction and the environment. They continue to bet on new technologies and innovation through the development of new groundwater and surface water control systems ( Dewatering ) and optimization of the means used for this purpose, which will increase the quality of service and improve efficiency.

What do Ferrer offer?

FERRER pioneered the application of pumping tests and their interpretation to characterize soils in complex projects, which were later extended to simpler environments, becoming essential tests for any justified and reliable groundwater control design.

The solid trajectory showed by FERRER allowed the company to win several major and complex construction contracts in Spain, in particular subways and tunnels projects for railway lines and roads, such as the high-speed accesses to the cities of Barcelona and Valencia, or other railway lines such as Badalona, Alboraya, Puerto Real, etc., which served as the basis of its international expansion.

Ferrer Projects

In 2010 FERRER was awarded the subcontract for “Ground and surface water control of the new Panama Canal Expansion – Pacific Access 4”, through a contract with the main construction company formed by the FCC-ICA-MECO consortium.

The internationalization process was consolidated with several subsequent projects, such as the participation within its area of specialization in Peru (Túnel Aeropuerto – Avda. Néstor Gambeta, Museo de Pachacamac …), Colombia (Serrezuela – Cartagena) and others with smaller entities in Bolivia or Morocco, where FERRER participated in the construction of the Tower of Mohamed VI (Main contractor BESIX) in Rabat or in the project of the Saidia desalination plant and marine immisary (Main contractor ABENGOA).

Other research projects were developed in Latin America such as, for example, in the tailings deposits of the CODELCO mining company in Chile, where the effectiveness of the use of saturation water from the soils stored in these deposits was evaluated.

The market evolution led FERRER to expand its activity to Canada where, in an Alliance with Hoelscher, started its effective operations at the begging of 2022, under the corporation HOELSCHER FERRER NORT AMERICA, Inc.

There is no doubt that we are in tremendously dynamic markets and that one of FERRER’s proven strengths is its ability to adapt, maintaining the principles of quality and rigor that have allowed it to achieve sustainable success,” said Alejandro Ferrer, the group’s current president.

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