Ferrer and Hölscher Wasserbau form partnership in Canada

News / 20 May 2022 by The Dewatering Institute
Credit : Ferrer and Hölscher Wasserbau form partnership in Canada

Ferrer has entered into an agreement with German-based Hölscher Wasserbau to form a partnership strengthening their presence in North America. The new brand, Hoelscher Ferrer North America Inc. is based in Bolton, Ontario and run by Alfredo Rodríguez as the main executive. The consortium will reinforce the identity of both European companies as strategic partners.

In this new partnership, FERRER will provide our extensive technical expertise as well as our innovation expertise in numerical modeling and drilling systems . HÖLSCHER WASSERBAU will contribute to the partnership with its extensive experience and potential in water treatment , signal management and control transmission ”, explains FERRER’s CEO, Alejandro Ferrer.

Hoelscher Ferrer North America Inc will operate in the field of hydrogeology applied to engineering works . The new company will focus its activities on groundwater control ( Dewatering ) and on the movement of large bodies of surface water ( Bypass Pumping ) in the civil construction , building and mining sectors.

FERRER intends to focus its activity in Canada on the control of groundwater ( Dewatering ) and the movement of large masses of surface water ( Bypass pumping ) in the civil construction, building and mining sectors.

Alejandro Ferrer explains that the firm commitment to promoting Dewatering in Canada is based on the country’s macroeconomic stability. “After analyzing the different markets, we believe that we can provide innovative technological solutions to achieve efficient drilling techniques and numerical calculation models that optimize and reduce the operational costs associated with the dewatering activity”, he affirms.


FERRER already has its own machinery and technological equipment in Canada for the execution of dewatering projects. The company has transferred a supply of specialized drilling machines and pumping equipment to carry out Dewatering and Bypass Pumping.

The CEO, Alejandro Ferrer, explained that the purpose “is to avoid subcontracting work by having all the machinery and in-house technology necessary to carry out the work in our specialty in Canada. Thus, we maintain all the autonomy and control of the processes, to provide the best service to the client, avoiding the implicit dependence on subcontracting”.

The choice of Canada responds to its great macroeconomic stability. FERRER DEWATERING CANADÁ LTD aims to provide technological solutions both in designs, based on numerical models of hydrodynamic flow, and in efficient drilling and pumping solutions that reduce the energy costs associated with these activities to the maximum.


The transfer of its own machinery and technological equipment adds to other important steps that the company has already taken to progressively establish itself in Canada . For example, the incorporation as a member of the Canada-Spain Chamber of Commerce (CCCE), which provides essential work in establishing business, economic and business relations between the two countries.

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