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News / 27 April 2021 by TDI / The Dewatering Institute
Credit : Equix Inc

Equix Inc. is committed to strengthening connections and building communities, a mantra which holds true to its 1,250 employees, who are located across 27 corporate offices in the United States. A privately held construction firm, Equix works across North America with a focus on utilities and infrastructure offering full-service engineering, design, procurement, construction, surveying and maintenance services to the broadband, electric, oil and gas, heavy civil, municipal, pipeline, renewable energy, water, and wastewater markets. Visit us at Equix www.equixinc.com

About Equix Geotechnical Services

The Equix geotechnical professionals perform a variety of services including design-build groundwater control, geotechnical evaluations, pump & treat systems – contaminated groundwater, horizontal wells and trenches, groundwater containment barriers, ground improvement technologies and hydro-demolition services.

Equix is building its history through connections with customers and the markets they serve. They have built a strong foundation of services through organic growth and acquisition of top-level organizations in target industries. Equix and their operating companies are strategically located across 13 different states. 

Their mission is to be the industry leader by completing quality projects safely and do so by their core values. It is Equix’s philosophy that safety performance is a key indicator of organizational excellence. Their first priority is to the safety of their employees. They firmly believe that they can protect their employees through a culture of safety. A true safety culture is one that is not only spoken of but also organically grown and hard written into the DNA of the company. It is cultured through strong leadership, which is reinforced by safety professionals that teach the how and why so that everyone understands how they can further enrich our company. These professionals believe that a strong foundation of training, teaching and reinforcement can bring them to a place where they can be productive through safety.

Equix Inc within The Dewatering Institute 

“Large contractors like Equix are an intrinsic part of the Civil Engineering Industry and the discipline of dewatering. Hence it is important to take into account the needs of Large Contractors and ensure that the dewatering industry can service our needs and incorporate the difficulties we face on projects. The fundamentals of TDI will ensure that the required attention is paid to these areas. Having worked for many years in the dewatering industry, I am a firm believer that dewatering is an art as much as a science. We look forward to supporting TDI and its members” says Senior Manager of Equix, Joe Hockberger. 

TDI is very happy to have Equix as part of our institute. Main contractors play a very important role in the dewatering industry. Many contractors see dewatering as a “necessary evil” however from discussions with Senior Manager Joe Hockberger, it is evident that Equix appreciate the importance of dewatering and the opportunities good dewatering practices can bring to construction projects they work on. We look forward to working together with Equix and their team to identify areas of focus and improving best practices in the dewatering industry, from the point of a large contractor such as Equix. This will greatly help to ensure that TDI can support the dewatering industry to adapt and make changes where required to overcome identified areas of focus”, says executive member of the advisory council, Christoffel Botha. 

What Equix has to offer

Geotechnical services: Equix performs subsurface investigation, analysis and engineering, full-service dewatering including well points, educators, relief wells, stream diversions and bypass pumping, slurry walls, wick drain installation, and hydro-demolition.

Broadband: Equix is a specialty contractor offering full, turn-key design and construction services to multiple types of customers requiring broadband infrastructure as part of their business strategy. 

General contracting: Equix general contracting division has the ability to complete a wide range of construction projects across multiple industries. Handling scopes of work that can range from everyday construction to complex, multi-phased projects.

Electrical Utility Construction: Equix installs underground electric infrastructure in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Construction of direct bury, conduits, duct bank, and manhole systems are common placements for their crews.

Engineering, design and field services: Equix professional services teams cover a wide array of development, design, surveying and more for both public and private projects.

Heavy civil construction: Equix professional services teams cover a wide array of development, design, surveying and more for both public and private projects.

Oil and gas: Equix installs mainline transmission pipelines, gas distribution pipelines, facility construction, HDD, and a variety of maintenance and integrity projects.

Renewable energy: Equix is a full-service EPC contractor to the wind and solar energy markets. 

Transportation: Equix performs a variety of transportation projects from paving of highways and streets, airport taxiways and general aviation upgrades to port and marine construction and rail installation.

Water and wastewater: Equix assists with CCTV clean and inspection, lateral launch and cross bore detection, grouting, cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) rehabilitation and other services to the water and wastewater markets.

Feel free to contact or visit Equix to get more information about our services offered. 

How to become a member 

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