Canpipe Limited Member Spotlight

News / 14 September 2021 by TDI / The Dewatering Institute
Credit : Canpipe Limited

Canpipe supplies and manufactures a range of products for multiple markets. These products can be used In the steel mining & making industry and in the dewatering, water well drilling, groundwater monitoring industry or any other operation that uses these products in the same application.

More about Canpipe?

Canpipe is a privately owned, Canadian group of companies, that was established in 1964. Their head office is situated in Toronto with another 3 branches located across Ontario, such as Tillsonburg, Ottawa and Orillia. Canpipe services 2 distinct markets with Canadian Pipe (Steel mining and making) and Canadian Pump and Pipe Supply (product used in dewatering, water monitoring, waterwell and more).

What do they offer?

Canpipe works with multiple manufacturers that offer their specialized market a wide variety of products and services.

Here is a list of products you can find at Canpipe:

  • Environmental Monitoring Supplies
  • Water Well Drilling Supplies
  • Pump Systems
  • Hydronics
  • Miscellaneous
  • Lance Pipe and Thermic Pipe (Burning Bars)
  • Mining Applications
  • Water Conditioning

They also offer technical support and service tailored to your needs, which makes them the ultimate one-stop shop. At Canpipe you will find that they focus on keeping updated with technical information regarding their products and keeping designated items in stock.

Canpipe within The Dewatering Institute

Canpipe is a member of The Dewatering Institute. A lot of knowledge and experience can be offered by them to the TDI community. We are pleased to have them on board as a member and excited for what the future may hold.

“Canpipe is excited to become a member of the TDI. We see a definite advantage in joining a professional organization to help us keep abreast of the latest information and practices globally in dewatering as well as networking opportunities with industry subject matter experts.”

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