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News / 29 March 2022 by The Dewatering Institute / TDI
Credit : BBA Pumps wellpoint dewatering system

For over sixty years BBA Pumps has been a principal producer of mobile pumps and piping systems for the dewatering industry. Based in the Netherlands BBA Pumps provides dewatering solutions that represent quality, durability, and a high standard of performance all over the world with sales locations in the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Rebublic and the US.

Who is BBA Pumps?

In six decades that BBA Pumps have been developing pumping solutions for the global dewatering industry they have produced a wide range of products that are developed for use in a diversity of executions when it comes to dewatering operations. BBA Pumps provide support to projects that require wellpoints, sewer bypassing, flood control, construction, and universal applications.

BBA Pumps within The Dewatering Institute

As a Contributor & Resource Member of The Dewatering Institute, BBA Pumps bring a great deal of dewatering experience to the table. Their industry knowledge and resources will prove invaluable to the TDI community.

BBA Pumps’ Key Principles


As a company, BBA Pumps stand for and uphold the following key principles:

As BBA Pumps has grown internationally they are celebrated for their continuous focus on innovation. This innovation all begins at grass roots level with the design of not only the pump itself, but of the pumping system as a whole. This holistic approach to the designing of pumping systems includes unique engine concepts and noiseless canopies. Robotic technology can be found at the heart of BBA’s modern and fully automated production lines allowing them to satisfy the highest of expectations, timely deliveries, and consistency in quality.


One of BBA’s fundamental principles is sustainability. Their products are known for their high operating efficiency at a minimal level of fuel consumption, ensuring that operational costs are kept at a reduced rate. BBA Pumps also sets an international standard for environmentally beneficial pumping solutions.


BBA Pumps has sales locations all over the world, from the Netherlands to Poland, Czech Republic and the United States. With a worldwide network of sales representatives and distributors a precise and speedy international service is provided through their efficient intra-facility logistics.


Established in 1953 with the original name of Bruin Buizen Apeldoorn, BBA Pumps has been steered to its current height as an international leader in the manufacture of mobile pumping solutions by generations of the Bruin family.

BBA’s Products:

BBA’s list of products is so extensive that you are guaranteed to find the required solution for whatever your pumping needs or requirements are. With such a large offering there really is no job too big, or too small. From pumps to pipes and fittings, as well as all necessary accessories BBA Pumps has it on hand. More detailed information is available on their website BBA Pumps.


Dewatering and Sewage Pumps:

BBA provides portable dewatering pumps that are essential for sewer bypass pumping and flood relief.

Well Point Pumps:

A key necessity at any construction site is to have a high quality well point pump on hand to assist in controlling the groundwater table and the PT series provides the best choice for fulfilling this need.

Pipes, Fittings and Well Point Systems:

With over sixty years of experience BBA Pumps are the global market leader for complete wellpoint systems and HDPE quick coupling pipes

Pumps for the Rental Market:

BBA Pumps is a proudly independent pumping supplier, who serves both the rental market and companies active in dewatering projects.

Portable Pumps on Trailers:

The BBA pump trailer allows contractors and rental companies to safely transport their pumps without the need of having additional equipment to load & off-load our pumps.

Diesel Driven Pumps:

BBA Pumps is a global leader in the production of portable diesel powered pumps and BBA diesel package pumps are used in a diverse range of challenging conditions all over the world.

Industry News:

BBA Pumps recently launched their new PT90 plug-in hybrid wellpoint dewatering pump and in addition to bringing them into the spotlight this month, TDI would like to congratulate and celebrate this with our network. This achievement is just another way in which BBA Pumps continues to provide innovative, affordable, and sustainable pumping solutions to the global dewatering industry.

This hybrid product is the very first in plug-in solutions and enables work on any construction site to begin even when a power source is not yet available, thanks to the back-up diesel engine. Over 30 years of experience in wellpoint dewatering is behind the new pumps and includes BBA PT pumps super-quiet running and excellent suction on all flows.

The BBA Pumps PT plug-in hybrid wellpoint dewatering pump Video:

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