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News / 3 May 2022 by The Dewatering Institute / TDI
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In growing and developing the TDI community, it is important to us to acknowledge our members. This month we’re shining the TDI member spotlight on Aquatech Dewatering. Based in Ontario, Canada Aquatech is a TDI company member and dewatering contractor serving North America with industry-leading solutions.  

Who is Aquatech Dewatering?

When it comes to full-service dewatering, bypass pumping and water treatment solutions, Aquatech is the North American dewatering industry’s leading provider of full turn-key solutions; from Engineering and Permitting, to equipment rental & sale, full Project Management, and 24/7 support. Aquatech Dewatering Company has redefined what it means to be a true dewatering specialist, with their unmatched combined experience and expertise of Hydrogeology & Geology, as well as experience with both small scale and large complex and demanding projects throughout North America.

Aquatech has always held themselves to a higher standard in meeting the industry’s evolving needs, ensuring their organization operates as a ‘well-oiled dewatering machine’ that is always ‘Ready to Go’ and keeps projects moving forward. To achieve this, Aquatech structured their operations around a strong foundation of reliable and efficient equipment, service and support – including unmatched quality control, readily-available parts, experienced service technicians, application experts and engineers, and 24/7 emergency response.

Amidst the industry shift in the early 2000’s that saw increased permit requirements in Canada, a growing gap between developers and environmental regulators led to an endless cycle of land development project delays. Aquatech’s founders were the first to recognize and act on the industry’s need to bridge the gap with a true dewatering specialist coupled with strong geo-environmental and hydrogeology expertise, as well as advanced technologies to effectively meet both customer timelines/budgets and evolving environmental regulations.

Fundamental Values that Shaped Aquatech:

  • Innovation & Ingenuity – Constantly researching and utilizing available advanced technologies and techniques to operate in the most efficient and environmentally custodial manner.
  • Environmental Responsibility – System designs that incorporate environmental constraints and ensure sustainability.
  • Relationships with Stakeholders – Working closely with all project stakeholders, and equally with regulatory agencies to streamline project operations and timelines.

Aquatech’s founding principles remain today; to get the job done right, safely, and with superior environmental standards.

Unique to the industry, Aquatech provides a one-stop shop solution for all aspects of fluid management requirements on a project to ensure the best possible solution is applied. Inefficient fluid management causes unplanned delays and costs to projects, and can cause significant damage to the natural environment; Aquatech’s team of specialists provide engineered solutions for each project’s unique requirements and work with all project stakeholders to ensure its’ success.

A design-build approach is often utilized on their projects to ensure all studies collect the necessary information to design the most cost-efficient solution without the risk of cost and performance inefficiencies, while also centralizing accountability.

Aquatech has built a reliable name for themselves with a track record of proven results and trusted partnerships, and they pride themselves in their ability to provide solutions on complex projects where it ‘can’t be done’ was claimed.

Aquatech is dedicated to continuous improvement and using the best tools and techniques available to assist their specialists deliver the best end result, practicing continuous innovation in product development, installation techniques, and data capture and utilization. This allows Aquatech to continue setting new standards in efficiency and environmental responsibility throughout the entire fluid management industry.

What does Aquatech offer?

Aquatech provides comprehensive engineering, turn-key contract services, rental equipment and equipment distribution solutions for all fluid handling and transfer applications.

Aquatech’s contract services provide complete project solutions from Environmental Permitting to Hydrogeological Assessments & Pumping Tests, well/system design, product recommendation, complete system installation, stakeholder coordination, rental of specialized pumps & support equipment, remote monitoring, and on-site operation & maintenance. Each solution is backed by a full team of experienced engineers, application specialists, parts and service specialists, and field service technicians. Aquatech also has a fleet of heavy equipment and specialized drill rigs to support each project’s demands.

These core contract services include:

  • Construction & Mine Dewatering: Vacuum Wellpoint System; Vacuum Eductor Systems; Deep Wells; Sump/Trench Dewatering; Pond & Tailings Pond Dewatering; and Sock Dewatering.
  • Bypass Pumping: Temporary Sewer and Creek Bypass Pumping.
  • Discharge Water Treatment & Filtration: Turbidity & TSS, VOC’s, Metals and other discharge treatment.
  • Well Drilling: Groundwater Control; Environmental & Studies; Mining; H-Piles and Caissons – backed by a full fleet of Dual Rotary, Auger, and Sonic Drills.
  • Industrial Pumping: Specialized fluid transfers & temporary bypass systems for various industrial industries.
  • Storm Water Pumping: Flood Control and Mitigation; High Flow & Pressure Surface Water Pumping.
  • Assessments, Engineering and Permits: Environmental assessments; Permit Obtainment; Project Specific Specifications and Equipment Selection; System Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring plans.
  • Instrumentation and Monitoring: Baseline, operational and environmental compliance on-site and/or real-time monitoring & alert systems with remote access.

Equipment Rentals & Sales

Aquatech takes extensive measures to ensure the reliability of their large fleet of pumping equipment and systems. Aquatech represents and works closely with equipment suppliers to provide constant advancements of equipment lines with proven reliability, high-efficiency designs, and strong technical support. Their rental equipment fleet is coupled with the highest level of QA/QC in the industry, and their facilities house one of the largest available parts fleets in the industry for quick service turn-around, and their team of experienced service technicians are on call 24/7.

Recently expanded into its own division, Aquatech’s equipment sales & distribution is dedicated to supplying efficient fluid management solutions via their specialized pumping equipment backed with the knowledge, expertise, and reliable support necessary to achieve the required result. Through close partnership with dewatering contractors and general rental houses, the division provides a gateway to more efficient dewatering & pumping solutions.

Aquatech’s rental and sale fleet includes the same equipment trusted and selected to perform on Aquatech’s own projects, with the core product offerings including:

  • Efficient Diesel & Electric Vacuum-Assisted Dewatering Pumps with the Industry’s Lowest Operating Costs
  • Rugged and Efficient 3-30” Trash & High Head Pump
  • Electrical & Hydraulic Submersible Pumps
  • Discharge Water Treatment & Filtration Equipment
  • Monitoring Systems & Instrumentation
  • Power Generation & Lighting
  • System Connections & Accessories

The latest product advancements and development that Aquatech is excited to release soon include:

High CFM Vacuum-Assisted Dewatering Pumps:

Performance advancements on the AQV pump line include an upgrade to a 175 CFM air-handling vacuum pump without sacrificing the existing ultra fuel-efficiency and low maintenance design. Thanks to the air-water separation capabilities of the pump line, it discharges true water, making the combined air & water capacity 240 CFM on the 4” model and 415 CFM on the 6” model.

Packaged remote monitoring systems:

Technological advancements on Aquatech’s monitoring instrumentation and systems include additional dashboard & alert functionality as well as pre-packaged systems that use a plug & play principle and can be seamlessly integrated into specific applications. Remote monitoring systems were incorporated into Aquatech’s fleet in 2017 and have constantly been evolving to ensure the data collected is accurate and actionable. An essential part of Aquatech’s operations today, continuous remote monitoring technology provide extremely valuable information for managing risk and environmental management, as well as optimizing project performance.

Recent Notable Projects

Deep Aquifer Depressurization Project with High Heavy Metal Concentration Groundwater:

Installation of 35m (120ft) deep pumping wells as well as a 660 GPM dewatering and discharge treatment system in support of a gas line installation with trenching requirements in an area with artesian pressure of 4m (15ft) above grade as well as an exceedance of TSS and Zinc.

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87,000 l/m (23,000 GPM) Trunk Sewer Bypass with Remote Performance Monitoring.

After an ineffective bypass pumping system by another contractor caused significant delays to a large sanitary trunk sewer relining project with unique requirements, Aquatech conducted assessments, designed and installed a one-of-a-kind system with 18” vertical turbine pumps with custom-made chopper blades. An extensive remote monitoring system to collect continuous data was utilized to maximize system performance.

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High Rise Condominium Eductor Dewatering System with Minimal Space.

Aquatech designed and installed a unique 500m (1650 ft) Eductor system with a section of the wells drilled into the shoring wall to minimize footprint and space utilization.

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Today Aquatech remains a trusted leader in the industry by providing consistent reliable solutions, growing it’s product fleet and service offerings, and striving for continuous improvement in product advancements and techniques. Aquatech meets the industry’s changing needs with innovative solutions and services and proving that they are becoming a force to be reckoned with within the global dewatering industry. At TDI we are proud to have the Aquatech team on board!

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