5 Ways to Grow the The Dewatering Institute Network Together

Insights / 5 November 2020 by TDI / TDI Website
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At The Dewatering Institute, we strive to create a diverse and thriving community of members from across the globe. The purpose of the community is to raise the quality of the industry through training and best practice. In order to grow and develop the community, we need to grow together. Here are 5 ways you can benefit and help grow the TDI community:

1. Become a Member of The Dewatering Institute

The number one thing you can do to help grow our community is to, of course,  become a member. Becoming a member affords you an array of benefits by being a part of a highly knowledgeable community. You will have access to our extensive resource base that covers many specialised fields and disciplines in dewatering and groundwater control. As a member, you also have the opportunity to share your own resources and supplier information with other members. Alternatively, as a non-member you can sign up to our mailing list for email updates.

2. Follow The Dewatering Institute on our Social Media Platforms #dewateringinst

Growing the The Dewatering Institute network is not only done here on our website, but on our social media channels too. You can follow and interact with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and using the hashtag #dewateriginst. We’d love it if you could share the TDI content with your own friend and peer groups in the industry, as well as inviting them to follow us on social media and join TDI as a member themselves. Additionally, our social channels are there to support your social media accounts to increase exposure through cross promotion. 

3. Digital Marketing Reach

Together with our social media campaigns, we are focusing on an extended digital marketing reach through the use of blog articles and email marketing. Our blog and email newsletters will be an added opportunity for TDI to promote members’ companies, events and resources. Making use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices including keywords and crosslinking, the TDI platform will increase exposure and reach for all its members. In turn, you could use links pointing to your content on the TDI platform in your own blogs and newsletters to increase the impact and results of the SEO practice.

4. Events & Training with The Dewatering Institute

Events and training are an integral part of the TDI community. We will be hosting our own events and webinars as well as listing your events and advertising them on your behalf to the whole TDI community. Events are a great way to elevate your employees’ knowledge while networking at the same time. Attending events is just one simple way you can help grow the TDI network. Send us your event details and let us publish and advertise them for you or share your thoughts ideas on collaborations to create events as members together. 

5. Knowledge Sharing within the Community

The purpose of The Dewatering Institute is to bring together members of the industry from around the world by focusing not only on networking and best practice, but on education and knowledge sharing too. The TDI community members are encouraged to submit their case studies and technical papers (branded with their name for extra exposure) on our Knowledge Centre, as a means to share the knowledge to the wider community and elevate the quality of information available to industry professionals. A community that can share their knowledge and expertise with one another helps TDI to attain our fundamental goals of education and knowledge sharing while empowering the community with valuable information and experiences.

How to Become a Member

Do you want to join the TDI community? Becoming a member is simple. Go to www.dewateringinst.com to register online or subscribe to our newsletter.

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